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Bungie loves to switch things up in Destiny 2 without really explaining what it’s doing. Figuring out the Armor Charge system and how it works is definitely one of these cases. You may have noticed as you pay through the new Destiny 2: Lightfall expansion that you have new visuals on your screen. Opening up your armor will show you that there are also new mod slots and mods to be added. We can quickly go over what these do and how to use armor charge effectively.

Destiny 2: What is armor charge?

Simply put, Armor Charge replaces the Charged With Light, Elemental Cells, and Warmind Cells from previous editions. By condensing these down into a much simpler system, it becomes easier to make the most of the boosts available. They come in three different categories, each functioning in various ways:

  • Blue – These are decaying mods that slowly run down a timer. While you are charged with Light, you will be able to make the most of these equipped mods. For example, Font of Focus gives you a temporary boost to discipline when an Orb of Power is collected.
  • Green – This dictates how you collect and hold armor charge while in the fray. It is permanent, and can even boot your fireteam. A good example is Powerful Friends, with which collecting an Orb of Power boosts Armor Charge for nearby allies.
  • Yellow – These consume Armor Charge to boost you and sometimes your team. You can use Special Finisher to provide special ammo for the whole fireteam when a finisher is used. This consumes one Armor Charge.
What is armor charge and what does it do? - Destiny 2

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Tips on how to use Armor Charge in Destiny 2: Lightfall

Your mod slots are now armor piece-specific, meaning you can only equip certain mods on certain pieces of armor. This just means you need to think a little more carefully about how to get the perfect synergy between each piece. With a little time and consideration, you can become a complete powerhouse. Certain mods will boost others and replenish some to keep you charged up to the eyeballs.

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