Tyler Blevins aka Ninja is probably one of the most, if not the most, popular Fortnite player. Ninja is currently playing in the Summer Skirmish event with a chance to win some big bucks. Since there are so many eyeballs currently glued to the tournament, it’s no wonder Epic would throw in something random to spice things up. In this case, it was a sky-splitting beam of lightning and a random purple cube forming in the Paradise Palms area.

Sooo this happened during the tournament @drlupoontwitch

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The giant 3D block had repercussions when Ninja and partner, DrLupo, fired on it. Merely running into it sent Ninja flying backward off of the mesa. Watching the video also shows that the cube causes damage once it is touched. Bullets? Yep, those too bounced off in a fury of different directions. There have been so many random events happening recently in the land-o-Fornite, so there’s no telling if these cubes are a sign of something else to come, or if they will also start to randomly distribute themselves in standard games.

What is the Summer Skirmish?

The Summer Skirmish is an ongoing event lasting eight weeks. There’s a smooth $8 million up for grabs for those who can pull out the dubs.

The Fortnite Summer Skirmish is an 8-week series of competitions where we’ll be awarding $8,000,000 in prize money! The format will change each week and so will the competitors, so stay on your toes and be ready! Watch the action on Friday and Saturday starting at 12pm ET.

If you plan on watching Ninja’s stream, you can check it out via his Twitch channel. Ya’know, in case any more large, mystical objects start to appear around the map.

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