New research puts us all into little boxes.
    According to a new study by the Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB) for the UK, ‘gamers’ fall into seven distinct categories. More detailed than the usual buzzwords of ‘causal’ and ‘hardcore’ the IAB have broken us all down into our sub-sets, the most interesting is the ‘Gaming Elite’ category which is apparently applied to ‘high-end younger players’. 
    There you have it, if you’re not young you can’t consider yourself part of the elite. Back to the knitting and baking it is for me.
    The seven categories the IAB have split gamers into as follows:

    Networkers – Super social players who do most of their gaming on social networking sites. For this group gaming and socialising are interlinked
    Individualists – Gaming across all platforms at an average frequency for average durations, but with low levels of social gaming. For this group gaming is more for fun and relaxation rather than socialising
    Interactors – High end but not extreme players. They tend to be younger and have high levels of social gaming in person, online and across networks on all gaming platforms
    Gaming Elite – High-end younger players, who game frequently, socially and for long durations over all platforms. They have high levels of media stacking but maintain strong gaming engagement levels
    Casual Players – Not your traditional players; these are mainly women who game less frequently and for shorter durations often to fill time. They play casual games only and play on the more accessible devices such as the PC and mobile phones.
    PC Opportunists – Lower end players; largely retired men who play games on their PC’s and Laptops. They are less active players and are not into gaming technology or gaming socially and do not spend money on gaming
    New Gen Players – ‘New age’ players: workers with children who play on consoles primarily, often with other people in person but not online. This group are more likely to see game play as a chance to spend time with family. The large majority play on motion controlled games playing traditional and fitness game

    Which category do you fall into?

    Paul Younger
    Founder and Editor of PC Invasion. Founder of the world's first gaming cafe and Veteran PC gamer of over 22 years.

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