What Legacy of the Void (StarCraft II) Is Really All About

Now that the beta has finally come to a close, Legacy of the Void is live to all players who’ve purchased the content. Now you can live the epic conclusion to the trilogy’s tale!

With new co-op mission-based game modes and the ability to play Archon Mode in the multiplayer options, this latest patch has a lot to offer:

Love sharing your sick strats with friends? Then these newest updates are geared perfectly towards you. Regardless of your personal play-style or skill level you and your friends can enjoy wielding phenomenal powers to vanquish tremendous new objective-based challenges together.
Co-Op-Missions It’s a dog eat dog world when you pit the powers of loyalty, trust, and teamwork head-to-head in the new Archon mode. Unlike ever before, you can share control of your base with an ally and control your vast army together. This type of coordinated effort will allow players of all skill levels the access and ability to adapt and evolve in an ever-changing system of strategic conquest. Not only is it a great way to learn new aspects of the game, but it can also help you teach your friends in an easier way than ever. Think of how much more you could handle with a partner by your side. What may have seemed nearly impossible in a 1v1 could now be achieved easily with the aid of another.
Archon-ModeDon’t forget to take a look into the six crazy new multiplayer units including: the Adept, Disruptor, Cyclone, Liberator, Ravager, and Lurker. Utilize your best judgement when picking your race to familiarize yourself with these new warriors and machines as you continue the eternal struggle to dominate Koprulu.LotV-Multiplayer-UnitsThink you got what it takes to compete with the best? Sign up for daily automated tournaments. They run every two hours and directly affect your league and rank status. On weekdays tournaments run on a three round system but on weekends you can really stack up those trophies by competing in six round victorious battles. Those along with many more rewards await all you achievement lovers and completionists out there.

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