A thing that you can see on the internet.

Update: Turns out it wasn’t even a game, just an E3 web series or something. Never mind.

There’s a game coming out called (probably) Project V1 and it claims to be coming to the PC. We know this because there’s a website with a countdown on it (current at around nine days) and the source code lists a bunch of platforms. That’s it folks, that’s the end of the relevant news!

Okay, well, I suppose I could also mention that the subtitle is “He is coming…”

That really is the end of the relevant news now.

But hey, I don’t want to waste your time, so here’s a little peak behind the curtain about writing news stories for websites. Have you noticed that sometimes stories seem to be a little padded out, not unlike this one? That’s because Google News likes at least 300 words in a piece, so it’s probably just the writer trying to get close to that count and improve the chances of getting listed on there. Now you know!

That won’t work for this bit though, because there’s not enough padding in the world to turn “a teaser website for something called Project V1 exists” into a proper news story.

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