What’s going on with the PS5 version of Payday 3?

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Payday 3 is gearing up to be the biggest entry in the series. By expanding on the pillars the previous games perfected, the third game should not be missed. However, as is the case with many modern-day games, Payday 3 is already being hit with issues — specifically on the PlayStation 5. Many players are reporting they can’t get into the heist shooter. Developers Starbreeze have pointed their fingers at Sony for stating the issue is “out of their control”. This doesn’t bode well if you’re planning on getting into Payday 3 early on your PlayStation 5.

Why is Payday 3 on the PS5 acting up

There’s no concrete reason why the game is not performing well on Sony’s console. However, lead producer Andreas Hall Penninger has stated Payday 3 uses an earlier build of the game. The only solution Penninger offered is waiting for a patch from Sony as the developers can’t do much.

Even with a transparent tweet, players are hitting Starbreeze with backlash. Mainly stating that the game should not have gone live with an older build.

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Moreover, some players are going to X (formerly Twitter) asking when the patch will be coming out and if paying extra for early access is worth it. On top of that, there are also players asking for a refund due to the issue.

The future of Payday 3

From Payday 3’s warm reception that happened early in the summer, it looks like Starbreeze wants to make their shooter the biggest in the series. With more support post-launch, and being on services such as Game Pass, Payday 3 has a high chance of being successful. Additionally, Starbreeze announced the game won’t have Denuvo for all editions, which was met with cheering fans. The anti-privacy tool has been an issue for many players, its exclusion sends a promising message to players even with the current issues.

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