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When do you stop playing with bots in Star Wars Hunters?

This is where the fun begins.

When first playing Star Wars Hunters, you may notice that your allies and opponents are pretty suspicious. This is because for your first many games, you’ll be playing with AI opponents, called bots. But when does this end?

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How to play with other people in Star Wars Hunters

Like most competitive multiplayer games these days, Star Wars Hunters throws you into the ring with fake opponents (bots) for your first few matches. This is to give new players an easier time settling into the game to learn its mechanics and practice before facing against others.

Many have realized that they are playing strangely well against their opponents, and that they’re consistently at the top of the leaderboard. Enjoy this ego trip while it lasts, for it won’t be long before you play with other real players.

This introductory period lasts until you’ve hit level 5 and have unlocked the Events page. You can expect to play 12 games, so long as you win every one, before you graduate to real games. Use this time to experiment with all the Hunters you unlock, as it’ll get harder to experiment with real opponents.

You’ll know for sure when you’re playing with real players as you’ll get to see a matchmaking screen when you press play, and you’ll actually have to wait for other players to populate both teams.

Star Wars Hunters Bots
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When playing with bots, matchmaking is instantaneous.

So, unfortunately, there’s no other way around playing with bots. Play 12 matches, then let the fun begin. And no, you can’t play with friends in this introductory period as any social functionality is disabled during this time.

Can you play with bots again in Star Wars Hunters?

Inversely, you may wish to know how to play with bots when playing with other humans becomes too rage-inducing (and also to practice). It can be fun playing against bots with your friends or to use bots to fill out friendly games.

Unfortunately, Star Wars Hunters doesn’t allow you to have matches with bots like you did in the tutorial phase. The closest you can get to this is by replaying the tutorial or going into training, through the Play menu.

The tutorial mode will allow you to play with any Hunter and will have an array of sections for you to practice and test out the Hunters.

Replaying the tutorial will have you replay your first-ever match, where you play with Utooni. This doesn’t simulate a match but takes you through the controls. These modes don’t cut it, but it’s the closest you’ll get to bot matches, I’m afraid.

Now that you know how to stop playing with bots in Star Wars Hunters, make haste to dominate those droids. I’ll see you on the battlefield, as long as you don’t get the login failed error.

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