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When is Counter Strike 2 coming out? Answered

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Even with the massive popularity of Counter Strike being one of the best games of all time on Steam, one would assume there wouldn’t be a sequel. Well, they would be wrong. Valve announced Counter Strike 2 earlier this year, and it set social media on fire. Some lucky players have been able to jump in on the sequel and while there have been bugs, it seems to be a faithful sequel. However, Valve has been rather tight-lipped about when the highly anticipated shooter is coming out. Thankfully, with the power of the Internet, it seems like we have more information — sort of. If you’re a seasoned player of the shooter or just want to know when is Counter Strike 2 coming out, we have the answer below.

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Counter Strike 2: When is it coming out? – Answered

Valve hasn’t been super clear about the release date, then again, when is a developer ever transparent about that? According to a Tweet from the official Counter Strike account, it seems like the sequel will be released today, September 27th. However, I recommend taking this with a grain of salt, because the Tweet could mean anything such as an upcoming tournament. In other words, set your expectations to a normal level. If Counter Strike 2 does come out as “teased”, this may help fill this gaming year’s upcoming dry season much like the first entry did. 

Is Counter Strike 2 free?

This is probably the most confusing question. The first Counter Strike is free to play. Microtransactions appear in the game but in the form of cosmetics, so it’s not using a pay-to-win model. Since the first game was a success, it looks like Valve wants to continue that trend for Counter Strike 2. You can safely assume the shooter will be free to play and follow the same concept as the first game. Meaning, you’ll just pay for skins and other cosmetics to stand out. This is great because, in a game like Counter Strike 2, it’s your skill that counts more. 

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