When is the Diablo 4 Patch Notes 1.1 Fireside Chat?

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Blizzard is soon to host their Fireside Chat. This a chance for the Diablo 4 devs to address a lot of the feedback and response for the 1.1 patch to the game. The Fireside Chat will prove to be an interesting one, as the 1.1 Diablo 4 patch has come out to a pretty wild reception. I’m sure it will put everyone’s minds at rest and answer quite a few questions.

What is the Diablo 4 Season 1 Patch Notes 1.1 Fireside Chat?

The first big patch rolled out for Diablo IV on July 18th to very, well, let’s say, unhappy results. Reddit, Twitter, and any other soap box platform were immediately filled with the heralding of the end of the game. No longer was Diablo IV playable; everything had been nerfed, and the changes are its death knoll.

When is the Diablo 4 Patch Notes 1.1 Fireside Chat?

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Metacritic became the platform for disgruntled players to slaughter its user score. It has plummeted down to a heartbreaking 2.7 at the time of writing. Anyone would think that Diablo 4 had personally leaked everyone’s social security numbers rather than released the 1.1 patch notes. However, with a stiff upper lip, and the confidence of kings, the dev team is still going ahead with their Diablo 4 Fireside Chat.

Fireside Chat date

Roll on the 21st of July at 11 a.m. PDT when the team will face the firing squad over their 1.1 Diablo 4 patch notes. I’m sure a lot of questions will come their way. Why did they nerf so many classes after having two betas? Where are the Quality of Life updates? Why are they pushing the early game on players so heavily when everyone knows the joys of Diablo are in the end game?

However, the Fireside Chat doesn’t all need to be doom and gloom. There are a few positives to the 1.1 patch. The addition of the Malignant Hearts is a great new element for players to enjoy. Hopefully, this will be brought up in the Fireside Chat alongside the obvious disappointment at the rest of the 1.1 patch.


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