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Ten years after the release of Diablo III comes to the next installment of this generationally spanning franchise. The long-awaited Diablo IV will bring new classes, exciting new mechanics, and of course, a whole new map and adventure to sink your teeth into. Small snippets of gameplay and class building have been leaked to whet the appetites of players around the world, but little has been given away as to how it will actually play. With the early Diablo IV Open Beta release date, eager fans will finally be able to get their hand on a teaser of the forthcoming RPG.

The Diablo IV Open Beta release date is soon

The Diablo IV beta is actually coming out in two waves. The first is for those who have pre-ordered the game from Blizzard. Additionally, the second is for those who are wary of the traps of buying before you have tried.

The first release will come with three playable characters: The Barbarian, Rogue, and Sorcerer. The second release of Diablo 4’s open beta will introduce two more to complete the five classes available on release. This second release will add the Druid and Necromancer, completing the roster.


Pre-Order open beta

For those who have pre-ordered the game, the Diablo IV Open Beta will launch on March 17 at 9 AM PT and end on March 20 at noon PT. this gives the early-access player a chance to really get their teeth into the game they have already committed to buying.

Open-access open beta

For everyone else, the Open Beta will run from March 24h at 9 AM PT until March 27 noon PT. I expect a swathe of pre-orders to follow the open beta as people’s fears about the quality of the game are put to rest.

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