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Where is the Fifth Sage in Tears of the Kingdom (TotK)? Answered

Sage advice.

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom expands on classic Zelda lore in some interesting ways. Much of the story centers on Link’s need for assistance from various sages. This guide answers where can you find the Fifth Sage in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

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Tears of the Kingdom – where to find the Fifth Sage

You activate the Find the Fifth Sage main quest well into the game.  The effort requires you to clear multiple main quests. Ultimately, you will find the sage in the Depths, at the Construct Factory.

Totk Fifth Sage Ring Ruins Stone Tablet Over Kakariko Village

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Start by exploring the Ring Ruins. First, talk to Tauro and Paya to let them know what you’ve learned. Now, Calip will let you pass. From where he stands, start through the short canyon. Use the Arise ability to ascend toward the overhead ruins. They hang over the large sign. When you do it right, you appear inside the ruins.

Take a good picture of the stone inscription you find on the wall. A prompt appears in your camera’s viewfinder if you have the whole tablet in the frame. Return to show Tauro and Paya your photo. After a scene, Tauro leaves with Calip.

Totk Fifth Sage Sacrifice Zonai Charge To Access Thunderhead Isles

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Fast travel to Popla Foothills Skyview Tower and talk to Calip. He says Tauro has headed to Dracozu Lake. The lake is located just south of where you find the Spring of Courage.

Travel to Dracozu Lake to find Tauro’s camp and then head into the nearby cave. After a conversation, check the treasure chest on the ledge above Tauro. You receive the Charged Shirt. Exit the cave and head south along the river. Raid two caves on the way for the Charged Trousers and Charged Headdress.

At the end of the river, continue west to reach another cave. Head inside and equip the Charged set. There is an altar. Set a Zonai Charge on the altar while wearing the full set. You trigger a scene revealing a new sky island, Thunderhead Isles.

Totk Fifth Sage Thunderhead Isles Lightning Strike

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Fast travel to Popla Foothills Skyview Tower and launch into the air to reach Thunderhead Isles to the southeast. Unequip metal gear while exploring this area. There are frequent lightning strikes and rain. Construct enemies patrol, as well. I mostly avoid them while my summoned sages distract them.

Work your way through Thunderhead Isles to reach Dragonhead Island. For detailed assistance, check our guide explaining how to reach Dragonhead Island. Skip to the portion outlining the process if you have removed the storm. You have done that (sort of).

Totk Fifth Sage Dragonhead Island Zonai Relic Firing Green Light Beam

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As you arrive on Dragonhead Island after leaping from the high ledge at the end of Thunderhead Isles, activate Joku-u Shrine. Then cut the nearby vines. Pass through the new opening and walk straight forward to reach a wall that tests your strength. Make sure you have 10 hearts. If you don’t, use healing items until that changes. Hold firm against the mechanism. You pass the test by exhausting nearly 10 hearts. Then the gate opens and your hearts are restored. The Secret of the Ring Ruins objective updates.

After passing through the gate that tests your strength, climb the stairs and examine the pedestal. A scene follows. The game marks the Secret of the Ring Ruins main quest complete. It also activates the Guidance from Ages Past main quest. Finally, it updates the Find the Fifth Sage main quest.

Totk Fifth Sage Flying Contraption Assembled With Zonai Device Attached

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Grab the Zonai relic resting ahead of you and carry it down the slope. Veer right ahead of the drop-off. You’ll find an area with Zonai parts. Take a Wing. Attach three Fan pieces along its back side. Place the steering column near the center. Then attach the Zonai device to the front of your flying contraption, like headlights. Take off toward lower Hyrule.

Fly your contraption in the direction indicated by the green light. Remember to lift the nose sometimes to avoid a steep dive. You should arrive safely at Tobio’s Hollow. Remove the device from your flying contraption. Carry it by hand to the small altar for a scene. The Guidance From Ages Past main mission updates.

Totk Fifth Sage Carrying Zonai Device Toward Statue In Construct Factory

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Next, bring the Zonai part into the newly opened passage. Set it on the raised pedestal. After another scene, the objective updates yet again. You are now in the Depths, a short distance north from Muokuij Lightroot.

Lift the Zonai part and carry it forward to reach a large slab with an armored chest plate. Use the Ultrahand ability to lift your Zonai device. Rotate it and fit it into the slab as a helmet. The eyes should face outward. Placing the helmet causes Mineru to explain the situation. She is the fifth sage. Before she can help, you must assemble her body by visiting the local depots for parts. But at least you’ve finally found her…

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is available on the Nintendo Switch.

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