Where To Buy Hylian Armor Set Tears Of The Kingdom
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Where to buy Hylian Armor set in Tears of the Kingdom

Oh, the nostalgia of old clothes.

Remember your favorite armor sets in Breath of the Wild? Well luckily, most of them have made a return in the sequel Tears of the Kingdom! The Hylian Armor including the blue hood, tunic and trousers were some of the first sets available in the first game. But where can you buy the same Hylian Armor set in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom? We have the answer for you.

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Hylian Armor set location in Tears of the Kingdom

Have you jumped from the Great Sky Island and are getting tired of wearing the Archaic Armor set? Luckily, you can buy the Hylian Armor pretty early on. Progress enough through the main quest and reach Lookout Landing. This is just south of Hyrule Castle, and is a safe haven for you and the crew who were out looking for Link and Zelda. After walking through the entrance, head to the right side of Lookout Landing.

Where To Buy Hylian Armor Set Tears Of The Kingdom Lookout Landing

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Here, you should spot a little shop selling the Hylian Armor set. Sadly, your Armor from the previous game doesn’t carry over, so you’ll have to rebuy everything. This is still a great set of armor early in the game, so don’t miss it. Sadly, you don’t have any Rupees after the Upheaval, as everyone calls it. So it looks like you’ll need to save up some money to buy these clothes! To purchase all three pieces of armor, you need to save up a total of 320 Rupees.

  • Hylian Hood: 70 Rupees (Level Three Defense)
  • Hylian Tunic: 130 Rupees (Level Three Defense)
  • Hylian Trousers: 120 Rupees (Level Three Defense)

Sadly, there isn’t anything really special about this set, but it provides a decent amount of defense for early gameplay. If you’re low on Rupees, sell some items to the shopkeeper there named Mubs. Now you know where to buy the Hylian Armor set in Tears of the Kingdom, and can adventure in style!

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is available on the Nintendo Switch.

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