Where to buy Trident ships in Starfield

Starfield Trident Luxury Lines Staryard Approach From Space
Screenshot: Bethesda

When it comes time to fly through the galaxy in Starfield, you can find ships from a variety of manufacturers. No ships are more luxurious than the ones produced by Trident Luxury Lines. Here is our guide addressing where to buy Trident ships in Starfield.

Where to buy Trident ships

Ships from the various manufacturers tend to emphasize one quality or another. They’re a bit like cars or boats, and their manufacturers are the talk of the various captains you encounter in space. Trident Luxury Lines makes some amazing vessels, and it’s easy to picture yourself piloting one. However, there is no place to buy Trident ships.

Starfield Trident Luxury Lines Staryard In Cheyenne System On Starmap

Screenshot: Bethesda

Trident Luxury Lines vessels are assembled at the Trident Luxury Lines Staryard. It orbits the planet Akila, in the Cheyenne system. Travel to that system and then carefully move through the crowded field of icons to access the staryard directly (see the above screenshot).

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After you fast-travel to the general vicinity, dock with the Trident Luxury Lines Staryard to look around. Down the main hallway, you will find Jia Chen seated at a desk. Ask her if you can buy any Trident ships and she reveals they do not sell them at that location, nor do they offer parts. This response suggests you may find them elsewhere.

Starfield Trident Luxury Lines Staryard Gladys Wants Velocity

Screenshot: Bethesda

Check downstairs to meet Philippe. He handles marketing for the company. If you talk to him enough, he mentions Gladys Coffin. She apparently receives many visitors. However, none of these individuals seem interested in selling a Trident ship.

The most you’ll get from Gladys, if you visit her near the side of the same room and talk to her long enough, is an invitation to fetch some Velocity for her from Neon. This request initiates the Fueling Greatness mission. However, your reward will be 100 XP and 2500 credits, not an invitation to buy a ship. It does not appear there is currently any place where you can buy or even steal a Trident ship.

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