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Where to find all Nameless Mausoleums in Elden Ring SotE: Locations, bosses, and rewards

Get ready for a fight.

There are a total of four Nameless Mausoleums to find in Shadow of The Erdtree, and although the bosses are tough, the rewards are more than worth it. Here is how you can find them all.

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Nameless Mausoleums locations

The four locations are dotted around the four corners of the map. With the Shadow of The Erdtree DLC being what it is, it is easy enough to make your way to each of them straight away as long as you have the map fragments. However, the bosses within are not easy to fight, so be prepared.

Western Nameless Mausoleum location in Elden Ring SotE

Western Nameless Mausoleum Sote
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This will most likely be the first one you find in Shadow of The Erdtree. It is directly north of where you first enter into the map. Here you will find the Blackgaol Knight, and if you have just turned up, he will kick you about. I recommend getting at least a few levels before attempting this battle.

How to beat the Blackgaol Knight

Although you can get your teeth into the Blackgaol KNight pretty early on in Shadow of The Erdtree, I recommend waiting until you have leveled up a bit. Maybe chase down all the Miquella Crosses to level quickly in Land of Shadow. He will humble you as soon as you enter the DLC with merciless attacks.

I found the best tactic was to get in early with my bleed weapon. However, poison and rot will do just as well. Pick away at his health between his move sets.

He is a slow-moving enemy with high damage and some long combos. Make your moves and get your combos in before moving back, and keep your distance while he does his thing. Once he has thrown his sword around a bit, you can move in for more damage.

He has one dash attack, and the rest are long sweeping strikes. However, when his life gets to about a third, he will whip out a huge sword combo that can easily one-shot you. He laces his sword for extra damage. When you drop him low enough, wait for this combo to be used before using the long cooldown to move in.

All Boss rewards in Western Nameless Mausoleum

After you beat Blackgaol Knight, you’ll receive the following items:

  • Helm of Solitude
  • Armor of Solitude
  • Gauntlets of Solitude
  • Greaves of Solitude
  • Greatsword of Solitude

Southern Nameless Mausoleum location in Elden Ring SotE

Southern Nameless Mausoleum Elden Ring
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The southern Nameless Mausoleum in SoTE can be found all alone on an island in the south. You will need to make your way to the Cerulean coast and then head west. You will eventually come across a tall tree with a spectre. From here, you can see the island you need to reach, so jump down the edge of the cliff towards the sea. Don’t panic; there is a ledge there.

Here you will notice the opening to a cave mouth, head inside and start making your way through. Where the tunnel forks, take a left. This will kick you out onto the Island with the next Nameless Mausoleum in SotE.

How to beat Dancer of Ranah

She may be small, but she’s fast. This twin-bladed boss will quickly have you on the back foot if you let her get a sword in edgeways. The best approach is to keep your distance while she swings, back up a lot, and strike when you can.

Keep a distance, but not too far. Dancer of Ranah has a ranged attack that will burn. Roll away from the first of her attacks and just back off to avoid the rest of the combo. Small, high-damage strikes are the secret to beating her and not getting too greedy. Getting locked into one of her combos can spell disaster.

All boss rewards in Southern Nameless Mausoleum

Beat Dancer of Ranah and you’ll get the following weapon and armor set:

  • Dancer’s Hood
  • Dancer’s Dress
  • Dancer’s Bracer
  • Dancer’s Trousers
  • Dancing Blade of Ranah

Eastern Nameless Mausoleum location in Elden Ring SotE

Eastern Nameless Mausoleum Shadow Of The Erdtree
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Once you have made it to the Recluses River area of Shadow of The Erdtree, seek out the Recluses River Downstream Site of Grace. From here, use the ledges along the riverbank to make your way down to the water below. Now, head south to find the next Nameless Mausoleum in Shadow of The Erdtree by the waterfall edge. Here you will fight Rakshasa.

How to beat Rakshasa

This boss in Shadow of The Erdtree has an outrageous reach and loves to roll around like Sonic. If you’re using magic, expect to miss a lot of shots, and if you’re using a slow sword, don’t expect to get a lot of hits in. This is a game of patience.

Rakshasa can cause bleeding with his long and dangerous blade, so it is important not to let him start to combo you. Keeping a distance in this boss fight is the key, and moving in for one or two big strikes. You will notice how long the cooldown is after he swings the monstrous blade. Use these moments to get in really close and hammer away at his health.

All boss rewards in Eastern Nameless Mausoleum

While the Great Katana near the start of the game is good, defeating Rakshasa gets you his weapon and armor:

  • Rakshasa Helm
  • Rakshasa Armor
  • Rakshasa Gauntlets 
  • Rakshasa Greaves
  • Rakshasa’s Great Katana

Northern Nameless Mausoleum location in Elden Ring SotE

Northern Nameless Mausoleum Shadow Of The Erdtree
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The final Nameless Mausoleum in SoTE can be found on top of the mountain in Rauh Base as marked on the map. To get to the top of the mountain, you will first have to destroy a cairn just on the northeast wall of the mountain. Once you have done this it will unlock Spirit Springs to the South West. These will blast you to the top of the mountain, where you will find the Northern Nameless Mausoleum to fight the Red Bear.

How to beat the Red Bear

This boss is going to be right up in your face with some melee combos that will leave you bleeding. Playing ranged is going to be tricky because he will close gaps in seconds. I suggest something with blocking capabilities, like a two-handed weapon or shield.

You can use the jumping melee attacks against the Red Bear. Time your blocks right and he can be staggered quickly. Use these moments to land your attacks. There are other opportunities as he links combos together with almost no reprieve. Staggering through blocking is the key to winning this battle.

All boss rewards in Northern Nameless Mausoleum

Defeating this last Nameless Mausoleum boss, Red Bear, will get you a fun armor set and weapon:

  • Fang Helm
  • Iron Rivet Armor
  • Iron Riven Gauntlets
  • Iron Rivet Greaves
  • Red Bear’s Claw

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