Where to find Golden Apples in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

Tears Of The Kingdom Golden Apples Guide

Golden Apples are an ingredient in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. They’re essentially the same as normal apples but restore a larger amount of health. And since they’re so easy to get once you know where to look, it’s a good idea to start collecting them. But since this is such a vast game, it’s hard to know where to specifically look. So we’ve found some spots that can guarantee you a good amount of Golden Apples in Tears of the Kingdom.

Tears of the Kingdom: Where to find Golden Apples

Golden Apples can appear on any apple tree in Tears of the Kingdom. So if you spot one of these trees, it’s best to look around for any of the Golden variety. You can easily find these apples due to their distinct color. This makes them very hard to miss even in dense forested areas with trees everywhere. But let’s get into the best locations to find Golden Apples.

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Location #1 – Satori Mountain

Right next to the Sonapan Shrine on Satori Mountain is an area littered with apple trees. And since it’s so close to Lookout Landing, you can come here fairly early on. You can also farm some Endura Carrots on this mountain which is handy. Check the map below for the exact location of this area.

Sonapan Shrine Location

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I’ve been able to find over 8 Golden Apples here on a single visit. That, combined with the dozens of other apples around the place makes this the best spot for Golden Apple picking. You can easily walk away from this location with over 50 regular apples and about 10 Golden Apples, so make sure to mark this area down.

Location #2 – Korok Forest

Mido Swamp is another location that makes gathering Golden Applies a breeze. You actually go to this area during the “A Pretty Stone and Five Golden Apples” side quest. But if you haven’t come across that yet, here’s the location of the area on the map.

Mido Swamp Location

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This location is rather difficult to get to due to all the enemies along the way. You’ll find Keese, Moblin skeletons, and even a Like-Like on the way to this portion of the forest. But the trek is worth it since the trees in this location only grow Golden Apples. There are only two trees, so you’ll get around six apples here, but this is a very reliable spot to come back to.

Mido Swamp Golden Apples

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These two locations are the best places to farm Golden Apples in Tears of the Kingdom. But remember, they can appear on any apple tree in the world, so make sure you scour each one you come across.

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