Where to find Paradiso in Starfield

Starfield Paradiso
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Starfield is a game that allows you to go in any direction you want through its open-ended massive map. Throughout the course of the game you will spend time running and flying around countless stars on your quest to find all of the artifacts in the galaxy. While try to find these in Starfield however, you’ll find places like Paradiso, loot random outposts, or end up building a new ship for yourself. All of this is in the nature losing yourself in the world of Starfield. Actually being lost with no idea where to find certain things is no exception to that, as you can get lost pretty easily running around the different planets and solar systems of this game’s galactic map. If you need help on where to find Paradiso in Starfield, this is the guide for you.

Where to find Paradiso in Starfield

Paradiso is an area you find pretty early on in Starfield, however the menu tells you that the level recommendation is level 30 for this particular system so be careful while you’re there. The system that you can find Paradiso in is the Porrima system, which is just north-east of the Volii system on the galactic map. Unlike some other locations in Starfield, Paradiso isn’t the name of the planet, and it doesn’t share anything in common with the name of its planet except for the first letter. You can find Paradiso on Porrima II in the Porrima system. When you find Porrima II in Starfield, you may need to move the planet around before finding Paradiso, as I needed to do this to see it.

Starfield Paradiso Map

Here’s where Paradiso is on Porrima II. Screenshot by PC Invasion

Once you find Paradiso in Starfield, you’ll be able to see that it’s a sort of resort for people to spend time at. You can do a few things here, but the first thing I did was continue the First Contact quest that you can do by talking to Chief Sugiyama in the building you find next to where your ship lands at the Paradiso location, which tasks you with dealing with the ship in the orbit of Porrima II.

Starfield is available for purchase on Steam.

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