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Where to find Redacted Weapons in Warzone

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In Warzone for Season 4, you have the chance to find weapons that have eight attachments as opposed to the base five. These are called Redacted Weapons and we’ll show you where to find them in Warzone.

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Warzone: Where to find Redacted Weapons

You have to play on the Urzikstan map. It seems like this is the only map featuring these Redacted Weapons. When you’re on the right map, check your mini-map for red circles. This indicates you’re near one. However, since you can see these icons — others can see them as well. So be prepared to fight as soon as you land in these areas. 

Where to find Redacted Weapons in Warzone
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When you jump into the Urzikstan navigate towards the many Loot Hot Zones on the map. But be warned, these zones have high-tier loot. And you know what that means? More enemies will appear in these spots making it tougher to grab the Redacted Weapon. However, if you’re not up for the challenge of defending yourself, you may be able to find a Recated Weapon in the Bunkers in the Urzisktan. These locations are harder to see which results in less of a chance of running into an enemy player. 

How do these Redacted Weapons work?

As mentioned, they have three more attachment slots. On top of that, it seems like any weapon such as the Superi 46 can be found with this label. When you find a Redacted Weapon, it might not have all slots filled up. This means you have to go out on the map and locate the rest. From there, you can have the upper edge because the gun can go beyond its ceiling.

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When you’re trying to get the Redacted Weapon in Warzone, you can also get an Exclusive Execution.

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