Where to find Serpent Flotation Cutis in Wild Hearts

Wild Hearts Serpent Floatation Cutis

You can do many things in Wild Hearts besides the hunting of terrifying monsters. Wild Hearts is a game that doesn’t dance around the number of things it has in it either, with everything being available to do pretty early into the game. You can go to the baths, complete jobs for the fisherman guild, and craft new armor and weapons. The last one is a big part of Wild Hearts, with you needing to upgrade your gear to be able to face off against the newest and baddest enemies Wild Hearts has to offer. Many of the new weapons and armor you can craft require certain materials you may not have, however, and the Serpent Flotation Cutis could be one of these. Here’s our guide on where to find Serpent Flotation Cutis in Wild Hearts.

Where to get Serpent Floatation Cutis in Wild Hearts

Finding the Serpent Flotation Cutis is as simple as finding a single mob due to it dropping from one. All you need to do is head to one of three areas in Chapter 3 onwards. These are the Akikure Canyon, Natsukodachi Isle, and Harugasami Way locations. The reason you have to do this after you’ve hit Chapter 3 in-game is due to the fact that you have to find the ‘Invasive’ version of the Small Kemono for the Serpent Flotation Cutis to drop.

Once you’re there, and it’s after you’ve hit Chapter 3, you should be on the lookout for a Small Kemono with the name Whipthrash Serpent. You can find these mobs relatively easily once you’re at either of the locations by using the filtering system built into the map screen and scouring the map to find one. This is your ticket to finding the Serpent Flotation Cutis in Wild Hearts.

If you require a more concrete location, you can see a location that spawns a few of them from experience in the map provided below.

Wild Hearts Serpent Floatation Cutis Locations Akikure Canyon

Here’s a good location in Akikure Canyon. Screenshot by PC Invasion

The only way to get the Serpent Flotation Cutis is if you kill the Small Kemono. That means petting it is out of the question if you’re looking for this material.

Wild Hearts is available on Steam.


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