Sons Of The Forest Food And Dining Bunker

There are numerous locations to explore and loot in Sons of the Forest. It’s one of the key aspects of the game, after all. One of the things you need while searching locations, surviving on the island, and doing really anything, is sustenance to keep you alive. Dramatics aside, you need food and drink in Sons of the Forest for sure, and there are a few locations on the map that you can find these in plentiful supply. One of these locations is the food and dining bunker, which is an easily accessible location, and even has a mid-boss fight. Here’s our guide on where to find the food and dining bunker in Sons of the Forest.

Sons of the Forest – Food and dining bunker location

The food and dining bunker can be found relatively early on in Sons of the Forest. Its location is on the north of the island, which is where a lot of the content in the game is also located. So it’s important to trek to the north if you want some early progression. You can see the precise location of the food and dining bunker in the image provided below.

Sons Of The Forest Food And Dining Bunker Location

Screenshot by PC Invasion

Once you get to this location, it’s an easy journey through an empty cave, then down a hatch. Be wary that there is a fixed bat jump scare in this cave to try and scare you. When you get into the hatch, you should be in the food and dining bunker. You can only access the first room inside this bunker without any items, as you need the maintenance keycard to progress further into the bunker. If you’re after only food, this should be fine, because there’s a bunch of food to find in this first little area. We have a guide for obtaining the maintenance keycard if you would like to do so prior to going into the food and dining bunker.

Sons of the Forest is available on Steam.

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