Where to find the Light Dragon in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom (TotK)

Tears Of The Kingdom Light Dragon Guide

The Light Dragon in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is a very tricky creature to find. Unlike the three other Dragons roaming Hyrule, there’s a bit more going on with this one. Additionally it seems that making progress in certain quests can have an affect on its location. So if you’re trying to find it unprepared, it can be a real pain. So we’re going to run through where to find the Light Dragon in Tears of the Kingdom.

Tears of the Kingdom: Where to find the Light Dragon

The Light Dragon is strange in comparison to the other three. Farosh, Dinraal, and Naydra all stick to particular regions both on the surface and in the Depths of Hyrule. Of course, it’s still tricky to find them at the best of times. But you’ve got a much smaller area to search than the Light Dragon who roams the entirety of Hyrule’s surface. I have spent countless hours attempting to track the Light Dragon down to upgrade the Champion’s Leathers, and it’s not a fun process. Luckily with the right information, the hunt gets a little easier.

Tears Of The Kingdom Light Dragon Flight Path

The general flight path of the Light Dragon takes it all across Hyrule. Screenshot by PC Invasion

As you can see on the map above, the path of the Light Dragon is a long one. But there are a few things that work in our favor. First up, its path takes it by almost all the Skyview Towers in Tears of the Kingdom. And fast traveling to each of these towers takes up no in-game time at all. So if you don’t see the Light Dragon near a particular tower, just move on to the next. Unlike Breath of the Wild, you can’t alter the Dragon’s position by passing time at a campfire either. So you’ll just need to hit up each tower and hope that the Dragon is nearby.

Tears Of The Kingdom Light Dragon 1

Screenshot by PC Invasion

Another way to make the search for the Light Dragon easier is by saving the Great Deku Tree. Apparently, this quest will cause the Light Dragon to appear much lower to the ground, making it easily accessible from nearly any Skyview Tower in Hyrule. I haven’t been able to clarify this in my playthrough, but this seems to be the consensus in the community. One last thing to look out for is the Light Dragon’s unique design. It’s blonde hair is easily recognizable from far away, and it’s how I’ve been able to spot it with relative ease.

Tears Of The Kingdom Light Dragon 2

Screenshot by PC Invasion

There’s no quick method to finding the Light Dragon, but with perseverance you’ll get there. Just keep checking the skies around the Skyview Towers and move on to the next one if you don’t spot it close by. It really is a pain to find but the materials it gives you are more than worth it.

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