Where to find The Lodge in Starfield

Starfield The Lodge Front Gate
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There’s so much to see in Starfield, spread across multiple planets in numerous systems, that sometimes, it can be easy to forget the location of a favorite haunt. That’s especially true near the start of the game when so much is coming at you at once. The Lodge is the sort of building you don’t want to forget, with its ties to the main campaign. Here is our guide telling you where to find The Lodge in Starfield.

Starfield – Where to find The Lodge

Early in the game, you’ll visit The Lodge after arriving in New Atlantis. It’s the hangout for the members of Constellation, who are researching and assembling important materials. The Lodge is semi-conveniently located on the edge of New Atlantis, near the Commercial district.

Starfield The Lodge Fast Travel From Jemison Planet Map

Screenshot: Bethesda

If you have a relevant mission active, you can fast-travel to The Lodge. Simply pull up your Starmap and select the Alpha Centauri system. Then choose the planet Jemison, near the north side. Find and rest your cursor over New Atlantis on the planet map. Often, you’ll then see a list of available places to travel to directly, including The Lodge at the top. If you choose it and fast-travel, you’ll appear near the building’s front gate.

If you are wandering New Atlantis and wish to find The Lodge, head to the Commercial district. The Lodge is secluded, built years prior on the edge of that district. Its entrance is along a wall, with a noticeable gate. Look for it above the park area with the large trees, not far from the Reliant Medical building. Once you have joined Constellation, you can go there whenever you like unless the plot says otherwise.

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You can use The Lodge as a base of operations. Once you officially join Constellation near the start of the campaign, complete the activity with Noel. She will guide you to your room, which you can visit when you need a rest. There is some storage available also. Until you have a house of your own, you’ll probably return frequently.

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