Medal Merchant Palworld
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Where to find the Medal Merchant in Palworld

Better than Dogecoin.

The Medal Merchant is a unique vendor in Palworld that sells extraordinarily valuable and rare items, in exchange for a rare currency: Dog Coins.

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All Medal Merchant locations in Palworld

The Medal Merchant has a few different locations that one will always be at. Each Medal Merchant has the same stock, so travel to the closest one to you.

The Medal Merchant is a special vendor in Palworld that will sell you all manner of important items. However, you’ve got to know where to find him first.

Palworld Medal Merchant
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I’ve found the Medal Merchant in churches and church ruins all across the Palpagos islands. Below is a list of confirmed locations I’ve found him in, and there seems to be a pretty consistent theme:

  • Desolate Church
  • Marsh Island Church Ruins
  • Forgotten Island Church Ruins

Heading to any church or church ruins should allow you to find the Medal Merchant in Palworld, making him pretty easy to locate.

Palworld Medal Merchant stock

Now that you’ve found a Medal Merchant in Palworld, all you gotta do now is purchase some stock. Note that you can’t sell anything to them, so you can’t earn Dog Coins or regular Gold by selling to them.

Burden Elixir Palworld
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Here is an exhaustive list of all the goods you can buy from a Medal Merchant.

Medal Merchant ItemItem descriptionItem cost
Mysterious Accessory Box+1 accessory equipment slots100 Dog Coins
Box of Mystery Accessories+1 accessory equipment slots1000 Dog Coins
Cattiva HatHead accessory item50 Dog Coins
Lamball HelmHead accessory item50 Dog Coins
Cawgnito HatHead accessory item50 Dog Coins
Dumud HelmHead accessory item50 Dog Coins
Sibelyx HatHead accessory item50 Dog Coins
Lyleen Floral CapHead accessory item50 Dog Coins
Ring of Freight +1Accessory that increases carrying capacity50 Dog Coins
Multiclimate Undershirt +1Accessory that increases heat and cold resistance100 Dog Coins
Life FruitSlightly increases a Pal’s health500 Dog Coins
Power FruitSlightly increases a Pal’s attack500 Dog Coins
Stout FruitSlightly increases a Pal’s defence500 Dog Coins
Vital ElixirPermanently raises player’s health350 Dog Coins
Stamina ElixirPermanently raises player’s stamina350 Dog Coins
Might ElixirPermanently raises player’s attack350 Dog Coins
Speed ElixirPermanently raises player’s work speed350 Dog Coins
Burden ElixirPermanently raises player’s carrying capacity350 Dog Coins
Concentrated All-Purpose Pal ExtractRaises Pal’s rank by one2000 Dog Coins

Now you know all there is to know about the Medal Merchant in Palworld, you’d better learn all the ways of earning Dog Coins.

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