Where to find the Rift Passage chest in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor

Star Wars Jedi Survivor Rift Passage Chest Where To Find How Open Reward Koboh

There are plenty of hidden and locked chests scattered across the galaxy for Cal to find. These chests contain rewards such as lightsaber components, unique outfits, new hair styles, and color options to change Cal and BD’s appearances. One such chest in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor is located in the Rift Passage near the Basalt Forest on Koboh, and this guide covers where to find it, how to open it, and what the reward inside it is.

Where to find the Rift Passage chest in Jedi: Survivor

As already mentioned, the Rift Passage chest is located near the Basalt Forest on Koboh. You’ll pass by the area during the main story when exploring the forest in search of the Jedi research facility. You’ll know you’re on the right track once you happen upon a researcher/archaeologist out in the forest. There’s an uphill slope in the next area that leads to the Rift Passage. You’ll also spot some Stormtroopers on an adjacent downhill slope.

Be ready for battle, because there’s a Mogu beast lurking in a pit that you’ll need to scale up from. After you defeat the Mogu, wall-run to reach the top of the pit and proceed further up the hill towards the abandoned buildings. The Rift Passage is inside, and there’s a Meditation Point nearby that you can use for Fast Travel later.

Use the zipline to cross the Rift Passage and reach the top landing pad. The chest is off to the left in plain sight.

Star Wars Jedi Survivor Rift Passage Chest Where To Find How Open Reward

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How to open the Rift Passage chest and what’s inside

You may not have the necessary ability to unlock the Rift Passage chest the first time you discover it. That type of chest requires a special ability via BD which does not unlock until Chapter 5 of the main story. You’ll notice an electrical conduit above the chest, and it requires disrupting the conduit to enable access to the Rift Passage chest.

You’ll unlock the ability during a traversal obstacle exercise in the Mountain Ascent area. BD gains an electrical charge alteration ability that can manipulate objects in the environment. Once you have the ability, the chest is yours for the taking. You can return to the Rift Passage immediately, as well as unlock the other charge chests around the galaxy. However, you can also proceed with the main story to eventually access a shortcut where you’ll end up at the Rift Passage.

The Rift Passage chest contains a Kashyykk paint color set for BD, so it’s not among the best rewards such as the Jedi outfit, Diligence lightsaber components, unique beard and hair options. It’s still an interesting customization to get though, and another step towards achieving full completion of Jedi: Survivor. 

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