Where to get Phoenix Feathers in Hogwarts Legacy

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If you’re struggling to find Phoenix Feathers in Hogwarts Legacy, don’t worry, so did I for a while. That is until I discovered the secret to getting the highly coveted magical item.

Phoenix Feathers are the most prized beast byproduct of all. They are needed for many higher-level gear upgrades, and cannot be bought from the Brood and Peck. But if they cannot be bought outright, how exactly do you get them? It’s something of a two-step process involving progressing the story and beast side quests.

Getting Phoenix Feathers in Hogwarts Legacy – Where and how

Simply put, you need a Phoenix in your Vivarium. How do you get a Phoenix in your Vivarium? By completing Niamh Fitzgerald’s Trial in the main story and every previous beast side quest which include The Elf, The Nab-sack, and the Loom, The Plight of the House Elf, and Foal of the Dead. This unlocks the quest Phoenix Rising, which we have a full guide on, that sees you capture a Phoenix upon the quest’s completion.

Once you’ve completed this quest and obtained the Phoenix, assuming you haven’t moved it, the bird is inside the mountainous Vivarium area where it entered at the end of Phoenix Rising.

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Since Phoenixes are such rare magical beasts, there is only one Phoenix in Hogwarts Legacy. I know, I want to farm more Phoenix Feathers too, but it makes sense that Phoenix aren’t just wandering the Highlands waiting for people to tame them and toss them into Vivariums.

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From there, obtaining the feathers is just like any other beast. Use your Beast Petting Brush on the Phoenix, followed by the Beast Feed action (or if you’ve installed a feeding pen, allow it to feed from there). This will make your Phoenix happy and allow you to collect three Phoenix Feathers off of it.

The cooldown period is 25 real-life minutes. At the end, you can feed and groom it to collect another three Phoenix Feathers. My advice to make the most of the Phoenix Feather cooldown is to be vigilant and on top of the 25-minute cooldown to ensure you have the materials you need to upgrade your higher-tier gear.

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