Where to sell Xenowarfare Tech in Starfield

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The amount of stuff you can encounter in Starfield is beyond measure. From missions, characters, items, and, of course, lots and lots of contraband. That’s humanity in a nutshell, not even space travel can prevent us from smuggling stolen goods and pieces of technology. Anyway, today we will take care of one of those pieces of tech, which we may or may not have collected after killing over a dozen people. You might have to talk to my lawyer to disclose any new info in that regard. Here is where to sell Xenowarfare Tech in Starfield.

Selling location for Xenowarfare Tech in Starfield

Starfield Xenowarfare Almagest Drop

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Xenowarfare Tech is one of the many contraband items you may find during your adventures across Starfield. One of the specific places you may encounter this item is at the Almagest Casino. You will find this space station orbiting Nesoi, located at the Olympus Star System. Inside the Almagest, you will have to defeat a couple of spacers and then travel to the Contraband Cache. It is behind the Jackpot Backend terminal. If you are lucky, you will encounter Xenowarfare Tech inside this cache. If not, you might encounter this type of item during your campaign round.

Starfield Xenowarfare Tech The Den Location

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As you might expect, contraband items such as Xenowarfare Tech are illegal and will get confiscated by different faction scanners across Starfield. You can use certain items in the game to prevent these contraband items from being detected so that you can sell items in any Trade Authority kiosk in major cities. However, installing a Shielded Cargo can take a bit of time, so you are better off just visiting The Den, located in the Wolf Star system, orbiting the planet Chthonia.

Visit the Den and sell to the Trade Authority

You will find a Trade Authority vendor inside which will take all of your contraband items for a decent price. If you don’t know by now, the Trade Authority is the embodiment of profit first, morals second or third. It depends on the money. Anyway, who am I to judge, I just disposed of a dozen “innocent” spacers. But anyway, sell the Xenowarfare Tech and any other contraband items you have with you to the Trade Authority vendor and you will receive a decent amount of credits. If the vendor runs out of credits, just sit down on the chair nearby and wait for 48 hours, he will have more credits to spend then.

Starfield Xenowarfare The Den Seller

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