Which dogs can you bring back to your villa in Like a Dragon: Ishin?

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In Like a Dragon: Ishin, you will find several dogs living in the streets of Kyo. Once you have access to your villa, invite the dogs back to your place so they can enjoy a superior existence. The arrangement can work out well for all involved, but first you have to figure out which dogs are open to the idea and where to find them. This is our guide to which dogs you can bring back to your villa in Like a Dragon: Ishin.

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Which dogs can you bring back to your villa in Like a Dragon: Ishin?

When you bring dogs back to your villa, you can interact with them each time you visit. Caring for them earns you Virtue, which is sometimes in short supply. It’s also nice to have animals waiting to greet you upon your return.

You can bring The Barking Dog, The Injured Dog, and The Patient Dog back to your villa. Their eventual names vary, depending on the choice you make at the point of adoption.

Like A Dragon Ishin Barking Dog Location

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The Barking Dog is easy to recruit, with patience. When you bring it back to the villa, it periodically rewards you with quality goods (especially after you upgrade its house). Find the animal in a Teramachi alleyway, not far from Ebisu Pawn Rakunai. Then visit the noisy critter often with bones. Eventually, it will get the idea and follow you home to your villa.

Like A Dragon Ishin Injured Dog Location

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The Injured Dog has been mistreated and lies near a wall on the north side of Mukurogai. You can nurse it back to health by bringing along Vitality Pills (or similar items) to feed it. Enough attention along those lines will eventually earn you a new pet.

Like A Dragon Ishin Patient Dog Location

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The Patient Dog is hungry but refuses to leave a particular location along the northwestern portion of Yashikimachi. Bring filling meals to the pooch a few times and it will finally consent to return with you to your villa.

Befriending dogs to bring back to your villa should be one of your early priorities, so you can reap the full benefits.

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