S Rank Bangboo Zenless Zone Zero
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Which S-Rank Bangboo should you select in Zenless Zone Zero (ZZZ)?

The best Bangboo for your buck.

Once the Bangboo Signal Search is unlocked in Chapter 1 Intermission of Zenless Zone Zero, players are tasked with choosing one S-Rank Bangboo to focus on. With so many adorable Bangboo to choose from, which should you select first?

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Which S-Rank Bangboo should you focus in Zenless Zone Zero?

S Rank Bangboo Signal Search Zenless Zone Zero
Screenshot: PC Invasion

Before you can pull in the Bangboo Signal Search, you must select at least one S-Rank Bangboo to focus on. This guarantees that any S-Rank Bangboo you pull will be the Bangboo you selected, whether that’s a lucky 1% drop or the guaranteed S-Rank from 80 pulls.

Each S-Rank Bangboo is intended to synergize best with a specific faction (such as the Cunning Hares) or a particular attribute. This means you should choose a Bangboo based on your main team’s composition.

For example, if you were lucky enough to pull Ellen, Sharkboo will be your best option due to its buffs to Ice attacks, with the added bonus of looking adorable with a matching shark theme. There’s no “best” Bangboo that fits all characters and teams, so make sure to choose carefully.

Best S-Rank Bangboo for each team in ZZZ

Here are the best S-Rank Bangboo for each popular team composition:

  • Sharkboo — Ellen and Ice teams
  • Amillion — Cunning Hares
  • Safety — Belobog Heavy Industries
  • Butler — Victoria Housekeeping Co.
  • Plugboo — Electric teams
  • Resonaboo – AoE and Ether teams*
  • Rocketboo — Fire teams
  • Bangbolver — Physical teams

While the other S-Rank Bangboo are all perfectly good, Amillion, Safety, Butler, and Sharkboo are typically the best to acquire first based on the best Agents available.

Nicole is currently the only Ether character available. Resonaboo will become more useful when new Ether characters are introduced.


Butler Zzz
Screenshot: PC Invasion

While light on damage itself, Butler is a support Bangboo through and through. This dapper gentleman aids with Energy Regen with two Victoria Housekeeping Co. Agents on the team, allowing you to output more damage overall.


Sharkboo Zzz
Screenshot: PC Invasion

Sharkboo helps tremendously with Ice damage and Attribute buildup, especially with two Ice characters in your squad. With two of the best agents (Ellen and VonLycaon) in Zenless Zone Zero both being ice, Sharkboo is one of the best choices — if you’re lucky enough to own them.


Amillion Zzz
Screenshot: PC Invasion

Amillion synergizes best with Cunning Hares characters, increasing Chain Attacks with at least two on the squad. Since you’re given 3/4 Cunning Hares characters for free during the early game, Amillion is a top choice for F2P players (or those down on their luck).


Safety Zzz
Screenshot: PC Invasion

Safety buffs the damage of Chain Attacks if there are two Belobog Heavy Industries Agents on the team, increasing even more when the target is Burned or Shocked. If you’re chilling with characters like Ben, Grace, or Koleda, then Safety is the Bangboo for you.


Screenshot: PC Invasion

Plugboo aids with Electric damage and builds Electric Anomaly. Plugboo will likely amp up in the future when more Electric characters with better synergy are introduced.


Resonaboo Zzz
Screenshot: PC Invasion

Resonaboo summons black holes, similar to Nicole’s ability. It also helps to build up Ether Anomaly with two Ether characters on the squad. The only trouble is that Nicole is currently the only Ether character in the game.


Rocketboo Zzz
Screenshot: PC Invasion

Rocketboo increases Fire AoE damage and Anomaly Buildup, requiring two Fire characters in the squad. While certainly not bad, you should only choose Rocketboo if you’re adamant about using a mono-fire team.


Screenshot: PC Invasion

As you’ve likely guessed, Bangvolver increases Physical Anomaly buildup and requires two Physical Agents on the team. It’s not the greatest Bangboo to choose overall, but it’s certainly not bad if you like your Flinch.

Whichever you choose, don’t forget to modify and upgrade your Bangboo to make the most of them in battle.

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