Outlast Whistleblower

“A finger of fudge is just enough to give your kids a treat.”

To the inevitable delight of stalwart Outlast player Tim McDonald, the game will be getting some DLC in the near future. Dubbed ‘Whistleblower,’ this add-on will cast you as the mysterious tipster who informed protagonist Miles about the asylum in the first place. In other words, you’ll be playing as A MASSIVE JERK.

In terms of the game’s timeline, this means you’ll be experiencing the outbreak and exploring the asylum “minutes before the slaughter” that Miles finds the aftermath of when he shows up. Oh, as an added bonus “you’ll encounter the experiments and abuse (conducted in the name of science, of course) that led to the asylum’s downfall.” Yay?

Whistleblower doesn’t seem to have a release date just yet, but if you want to pick up Outlast slightly cheaper than usual in preparation for it then the game is 33% off in the Steam Halloween sale at present. You can also nab it for the same price direct from developers Red Barrels. If you do, you’ll get the soundtrack for free.

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