Who is the Girl in Red Dress in Lethal Company, explained

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Players are going to encounter an escalating scale of creepy monsters in Lethal Company, especially as they enter higher hazard zones in Lethal Company.

The girl in the red dress is perhaps the creepiest of them all, if you manage to spot her.

Lethal Company: Who is the girl in the red dress

From gigantic spiders to T-rex-looking monsters that will swallow your head off in a second, they’re all terrifying in their right, but the girl in the red dress is the one that catches most players off guard.

You’re more than likely going to encounter her in a facility that appears to look like an abandoned house. From what we can assume, this is where the girl once lived but now, appears to be walking among the dead.

The eerie atmosphere of this house only contributes to her creepiness. She is only going to hunt one of you at the time, so your teammates won’t be able to help you escape.

We don’t know the lore of the girl in the red dress yet. It’s hard to say, as we’re only assuming she once lived in the house players will happen to enter when they’re looking for loot. It’s undoubtedly one of the most haunting regions in the game.

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Lethal Company Ghost Girl
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If she does happen to come across players, be warned, as she won’t immediately kill you; she’ll taunt you by turning off the lights and giggling in your ear. It really immerses the players in a troubling and haunting experience.

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