Warning! The following contains some spoilers about The Last of Us: Left Behind DLC and Gone Home!

    A few weeks ago I recommended readers go check out an awesome article that explained why it could be argued that Gone Home is a horror game. Not because of any monsters or zombies, but because of sexuality and humanities intolerance. That article had me thinking about sexuality in games for some time and now it seems IGN have also picked up on the issue.

    In this article published by IGN and written by Luke Karmali, you can read about how LGBT characters are starting to emerge in the gaming landscape and how accepting most people seem to be. It’s ironic that the video game world seems one of the few mediums capable of handling the issue with any sensitivity. The article explores the recent rise in LGBT characters and how sexuality must be handled in a subtly manner if characters are to be realistic. I highly recommend you go and check out this article. It’s right HERE.

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