Nintendo: Wii U will be preferred over PS3,360 for core games like Call of Duty

Nintendo’s Scott Moffit had high hopes for the Wii U’s penetration into the hardcore gaming market. He claims that according to Nintendo’s thinking, the Wii U may become the preferred way for core gamers to play their games:

So if the Wii U is in the house, are you hoping core gamers will get into it? Do you think that will work?

Do we want to reach out to the core audience? Absolutely. They’re very much part of our audience and the group of consumers we hope will find the way you can reimagine games on the Wii U. The Wii U could become the preferred way to play those games for some of the core gamers. You can imagine how a game like Call of Duty would work on the Wii U–the GamePad will allow you to declutter the TV and pull gaming items like maps down and not interrupt your interaction and enjoy the cinematic quality of the game on the TV. That’s one application that could be exciting and could enhance gameplay for a core gamer.


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