Nintendo has finally provided a Japanese release date for the Wii U.

The console will launch on 8 December, 2012, and will come in two different packages. A ‘Basic’ model will cost you 26,250 yen (£210 / $338), the ‘Premium’ will set you back 31,500 yen (£252 / $405).

The Premium console is black and comes bundled with a subscription to Nintendo Network Premium which gives you 10 per cent off digital games and will run out to the end of 2014. Additionally, it comes with a 32GB HDD as opposed to the 8GB Basic model.

If you want to buy an additional Wii U Gamepad then you’ll need to start saving because they’re priced at 13,440 yen (£108 / $172) each, while a Wii U Pro Controller (think 360 pad) will cost 5,040 yen (£40 / $65). At present, there are no announced games that provide the option to use a second Wii U Gamepad – so you’ll not need to buy a second on launch day.

Games look as though they’re going to cost between five and six thousand yen; New Super Mario Bros. U has a RRP of 5,985 yen (£47 / $77) and NintendoLand is 4,935 (£40 / $66). Both games will be available in boxed and digital form on launch day.

Details of the European and North American release can be found here.

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