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Wild Hearts is a game that has a vast array of features, whether that’s increasing your stats through upgrades or even making a Death Stranding-esque map with plenty of shortcuts. When it comes to upgrading your weapons, you can hit a bump in the road relatively early on if you aren’t farming materials from Small Kemono around each of Wild Hearts’ maps. One of the items you could be missing is the Small Kemono Shell Skin, which you require for a few different gear upgrades. Here’s our guide on how to get Small Kemono Shell Skin in Wild Hearts.

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How to get Small Kemono Shell Skin in Wild Hearts

Getting some Small Kemono Shell Skin is relatively easy in Wild Hearts. The first thing you need to do is play until you get a way into Chapter 3. This will then unlock invasive species of Small Kemono, which give you higher-grade materials for better gear upgrades. The Small Kemono Shell Skin is found via two of these invasive species.

The invasive species you’re going to want to hunt are the Grassghoul Decapod and the Deadleaf Slater. The Grassghoul Decapod actually drops two separate materials when killed, those being the Small Kemono Shell Skin and the Crustaceous Moss. So if you end up hunting this Small Kemono in Wild Hearts, you will be rolling a 50/50 chance every time you kill it. This can be a good thing if you also need Crustaceous Moss, but if you’re looking for just Small Kemono Shell Skin, then it can be a bit of a pain.

Wild Hearts Small Kemono Shell Skin Deadleaf Slater Location

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The Deadleaf Slater, however, only drops Small Kemono Shell Skin when killed, meaning this is the reliable way of getting this material in Wild Hearts. You can find the invasive Deadleaf Slater in Akikure Canyon in Chapter 3. You can see the location of a reliable spawn for them in the map pictured above.

It’s also worth noting here that you cannot pet these Small Kemono to get the Small Kemono Shell Skin, as petting them wields a different material. So killing them is the only way to get it.

Wild Hearts is available on Steam.

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