Wild Hearts PC patch update notes boasts CPU threading issue is fixed

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The PC launch of Omega Force’s monster-hunting game Wild Hearts has not gone as well as players have hoped. Currently sitting at a “mixed” user rating on Steam, Wild Hearts suffers from a whole host of performance issues and bugs that have proven too significant to ignore. This coupled with the $69.99 USD price tag at launch left many players frustrated with the PC optimization. Naturally, this prompted the developer to begin addressing these issues and, hopefully, bring the game to a more stable state. Just today, Omega Force followed up on its day 1 update with a new 1.004 patch for Wild Hearts — focusing on CPU issues.

Last week, the developer provided fans with a few details on what they can expect with today’s patch. One of the update’s more noteworthy changes fixes a CPU threading issue the game has suffered from. According to the developers, this should result in “significantly improved performance on high end PC’s.” Additionally, the update addresses “AMD Radeon RX 7900 XTX visual artefacts” and lets players disable reflections through the game’s settings.

Any other fixes with the Wild Hearts PC CPU patch?

This new Wild Hearts update also rests the game’s default resolution to 1080p. The developer previously noted that several players have run the game at resolutions that the recommended spec cannot handle. In response, the developer has begun work on changing Wild Hearts’ recommended spec guidance and ensured that it will keep on optimizing “in this area.” Of course, the patch also includes a host of other performance and bug fixes, although the developer did not specify what those would be.

In addition to this new patch for Wild Hearts, the developer plans on fixing up various audio desyncing issues affecting the game. If players end up running into these issues specifically, the developer suggest that, for the time being, they should simply quit the game and restart it.

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