Wild Hearts story trailer introduces you to the world of Minato

Wild Hearts Trailer Karakuri Wind

If you have logged countless hours into Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak and wish to scratch that same itch with something new, then this week may provide exactly what you crave. This coming Friday will see the release of Wild Hearts, developer Omega Force’s take on the monster-hunting genre. Those wanting to learn more about Wild Hearts before giving it a go can take a look at the brand new story trailer that dropped today. Clocking in at just under three minutes, this trailer specifically showcases Minato, the game’s central village and the player’s base of operations.

Anyone familiar with the Monster Hunter series will undoubtedly think of those games’ myriad village hubs when looking at Minato. And given Wild Hearts’ feudal Japanese setting, those who played Monster Hunter Rise recently will likely have that game’s Kamura Village immediately spring up in their head. In Minato, players will become acquainted with a variety of friendly villagers willing to help them prepare for hunts. These villagers include the blacksmith Natsume, the veteran Ujishige, and the scientist Suzuran.

Get a glimpse of Minato in the Wild Hearts story trailer

Aside from showing off the village, the trailer also treats players to more footage of the game’s varied selection of boss monsters. One of these monsters comes in the form of a massive stone bear that the entire village teams up to defeat. Monster Hunter games typically include major setpiece battles against these kinds of gigantic monsters at some point in their respective stories. Judging by the footage, it appears that this stone bear will serve a similar role, so prepare yourself for that.

According to the trailer description, Wild Hearts sees players taking on monsters using a mysterious ancient technology that goes by the name Karakuri. This technology provides the village of Minato with a variety of weapons, and the trailer shows that Suzuran has a solid grasp of it.

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