Humble Sneaky Bastards Wildfire Gameplay Video

Wildfire shows off 10 minutes of stealth gameplay ahead of May 26 release

Fire burns.
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Wildfire is a mischievous 2D stealth game that lets you burn absolutely everything. You’ll need to master the elements to outsmart enemies and achieve your goals. How, you ask? Take a look at the 10 minutes of Wildfire gameplay just released by publisher Humble Games and developer Sneaky Bastards. The stealth-devolves-into-chaos fun that is Wildfire will come to PC on May 26.

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You are the master now

In Wildfire, you need to manipulate the environment to bamboozle your enemies and remain undetected. Simultaneously, you must complete objectives like rescuing villagers.

You can use fireballs to set things alight. Enemies will make very satisfying squeals as they run from your fiery displays. But remember that everything burns – including your human flesh. Also, fire can grow out of control quickly. The game is called Wildfire for a reason.

Wildfire Gameplay Fire Gets Out Of Control

Additionally, you can freeze bodies of water in order to cross them or encase your enemies in ice. Finally, you also have mastery over nature itself. You can grow grass to hide in or vines to climb. As you can see in Wildfire‘s gameplay video, you can also entangle enemies in the vines.

As you progress through Wildfire‘s systematic environments, your connection to the elements will grow and you will learn new abilities. Fortunately, it’s not game over as soon as you’re spotted because your enemy’s forces aren’t mindless lackeys. They work together to hunt you down. So, you’ll need to use every trick at your disposal to evade them.

Wildfire Stealth Gameplay

You can be a sneaky bastard alone, or you can partner up with a friend and wield your elemental powers in tandem. But take care. Double the amount of fire is rarely a good thing. It’s certainly not a safer thing.

Master the retail process

As mentioned, Wildfire is coming to PC on May 26. It will be available for purchase through Humble Bundle and Steam. You can’t pre-purchase it yet, but you can add it to your wishlist on either platform.

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