A whole extra weekend of this.

By open “this weekend,” I actually mean open right now. If you pre-ordered WildStar, the game’s servers have been open since 7am Pacific (about three hours ago at the time of writing) for you to mess around on. This bonus weekend will run until an undefined time on Sunday night.

The previous level cap of 17 has been eased too, so you’ll be able to make it all the way to level 20. I don’t know how much of a massive difference that will be, but it’s three additional levels so you’d imagine it’d give you a chance to try out some new WildStar skills.

Carbine says the extra weekend is a way for them to get more testing time, and for those who pre-ordered to get a bit more time playing the game before its release in June.

“This is our way of gathering the feedback we cherish and saying thank you to all of our loyal testers. Which is why we would love it if you logged in this weekend, enjoyed the extra 3 levels and the bonus game time because it will greatly help us be that much more prepared,” the company says. And while I don’t know a huge amount about MMOs, I do know that they can never be too prepared for launch.

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