September 5th, 2017

WildStar’s open beta to begin on Thursday


NCSoft and Carbine have announced that WildStar‘s open beta will from from 8 May through 18 May. That’s ten days for you to blast your way through as much of the action MMO as you need (well, up to level 30) to decide if it’s the game for you.

The open beta period will also feature a number of developer events – although not in-game events, sadly. WildStar‘s Twitch stream will feature a 30-minute livestream to kick off the open beta, with product director Mike Donatelli, creative director Chad Moore, producer and voice of DevSpeak Stephen Frost, and development director Mike Mocarski answering questions posed in Twitch chat and discussing the state of the game and why it’s totally fabulous. That’s 8 May at 19:00 BST.

9 May will see a pair of interlinking events. There’ll be a developer livestream, with Jeremy Gaffney talking about how hard it was to get the game ready for launch, plus a look at Raids, Warplots, high-level open beta content, and maybe even some post-launch stuff. This livestream will also be part of a massive social media AMA with the devs taking questions from Facebook, Reddit, Tumblr, Twitter, the forums, Twitch, Vine, and basically any other means you have of getting their attention. If you’ve got a carrier pigeon, I’m sure they’d even take messages from that. Both of these events will take place on 9 May at 19:00 BST.

WildStar itself is due to launch on 3 June.

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