September 5th, 2017

WildStar’s Warplots mix home improvements and 40-on-40 PvP

WildStar’s Warplots mix home improvements and 40-on-40 PvP


Carbine Studios’ newest trailer for WildStar aims to teach you what happens when you mix house renovation and large-scale battles.

Warplots are WildStar‘s way of creating 40 vs 40 havoc on┬áthe battlefield. You get a crew together, build and design a Warplot – which seems to be a giant battle area of doom, customised to your liking – and drop it onto a battlefield, where you can start capturing resources to power up its functions. Of course, another team will be there with a Warplot of their own, so you’ll be bumping heads with them on a regular basis. Good thing you can drop orbital strikes, giant robots, and dungeon bosses on them, eh?

The trailer below’s easily worth a watch, if only because it follows WildStar‘s usual irreverent sense of humour. Have a look and see what you think. WildStar itself is due out on 3 June.

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