September 5th, 2017

Grab a Path of Exile: The Awakening Beta key – Extra keys added!

Grab a Path of Exile: The Awakening Beta key – Extra keys added!

Grinding Gear Games has been testing the Path of Exile: The Awakening expansion for a few weeks now, and if you’ve been listening to the podcast, then you’ll know there has been a few character wipes along the way. Such is the way of beta testing.

With things settling down now in the beta test, and the expansion due for release some time early next month, we thought now would be a good time to get more of you into the Awakening beta test to get a taste of the new Act IV. Yes, there is now finally a fourth act to explore.

To be in with a chance of snagging a closed beta key all we want you to make sure you are signed into PC Invasion. Please make sure you are logged in with a PC Invasion account. If you’re not registered (shame on you!) then you can do so here. Do NOT login with a social media/Steam account otherwise it might throw a fit.

Right! That’s it! Press the magic PC Invasion Red Button below to get your key.

WoW! You stripped that last set of keys and they’re all gone! We are asking GGG to drop more over for you.

If you want to know more about Path of Exile then head to their website, it’s well worth your attention.

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  • Paul Younger

    Founder and Editor of PC Invasion. Veteran PC gamer of over 22 years.

    • rpsgc

      Hmm… Sweet beta keys. Gimme!

      • nameuser

        Hi 🙂
        You forgot to link the ‘t’ in ‘podcast’
        You’re welcome! 😛

    • Malatr

      Hi, I’m 12 and what is this? Not really 12; half as clever as 12 year old, though. I just want a beta key.

    • Druid8323

      I want a Beta Key, and thanks PCI for provide this great opportunity.

    • mantequillas


      • chrisknife


    • skud79

      Nice. Hope I win one.

    • chrisknife

      registered for key. give key please. only want key and i will be gone. thanks. also key please thanks again

    • Veelq

      I would like to get a key, thx

    • kauan

      I’d love one : ) Thanks for the opportunity.

    • cekkos

      i want a key….WHY?
      because i cant play well whit the desinc problem!
      so i want to try it!!

    • xr1chard

      i’d like a key

    • nopoda

      Awesome, been wanting to check out the new content!!

    • Zeropoint

      I’d love a beta key, especially since I wasn’t lucky enough to get one at random. Here’s hoping!

    • Zealot

      Here’s to hoping. My dad is looking forward to playing this, so I’m in it for the both of us!

    • Profundis

      I love path of exile, key please, love you.

    • Dodawo

      Gimme Beta key please

    • cookieass

      gimme gimme

    • Xibalba

      Nice neeed key guy!1! thanks!

    • ghigonzolo

      Any key left? thank you!

    • mrpixel

      key please 🙂

    • widow645

      I wants a key pretty please.

    • redhawk99

      noooo need more keys

    • Paul Younger

      Quick update. More keys are incoming!

    • Jereloo

      Any key left? Thanks

    • Araq

      Button does nothing 🙁

    • Eidanx

      I have registered and pressed the button, nothing happens. How do we know we got one key? Thanks a lot.

      • Paul Younger

        Keys just ran out Eidanx. I will talk to GGG and see if we can add some more today.

        • Araq

          What should you expect when you click the button? Or can the button appear after the keys have ran out?

          Also thanks for this!

    • remixcl

      pls give me keys, i play Poe any more time in mi lifeeeeee :ccc

    • Eriska

      tyvm, finally got a key !

      • Paul Younger

        We had to hit up the GGG emergency beta key hotline for you guys!

    • Dickbutt

      all gone 🙁

    • Paul Younger

      More keys have been added! Let Round 4 commence!

      • Dickbutt

        got one, thanks!

    • Du5chl4mp3

      Awesome, thank you for the key

    • Eidanx

      Pressed again like 20 times the button, no key:( I’m starting to think I’m cursed. Thanks for the reply Paul, I would love to finally get a key 🙂

      • Eidanx

        I cannot believe this, are they already gone? 🙁

        • Paul Younger

          The last lot went in about 30 minutes. We feel your frustration guys and we are doing our best get hold of new keys for you all. We can only get them in batches. A request for the next load has gone in but not sure on ETA.

    • https://[email protected] ViRuS

      i want a key