Want to get a taste of the new vehicle combat MMO Crasher from Punchers Impact?
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Game Info:
Crasher features team combats (10 to 20 minutes) in closed worlds/maps up to 5 vs 5, engaging the fiercest vehicles of this ancient/modern universe. Regular weapons and mystical skills inspired from RPGs (from devastating special attacks to healing or even terra morphing) are the keys to fill your team objective. The different classes of vehicles will determine your role in the team, whether you want to be a fearless fighter or more an outside vicious engineer setting up traps to prepare the field…
In Crasher , each combat and even each action (achievement system) can bring experience that opens huge possibilities for vehicle, skills and items customization. Players will then be able to bring their unique vehicles to the top ranks of the ladder
Other modes will come to enhance the multiplayer experience, such as Arena and Team Deathmatch

Each vehicle will have different kind of skills that we can divide in 2 categories: Skills that players will select before the match (which become inherent to your vehicle) and skills to be launched during the match:
Before the match = Control skills = JUMP or BOOST (others TBA later) for example
This choice is crucial since it will allow players to access different places in the map depending on the chosen control skill. Upper paths or caves with JUMP, far away platform with boost… it is all about gameplay.
Players will be able to change this control skill during the match if they find a control power up on the map.
During the match = Regular skills AND situation skills
In Crasher players always have 4 slots for regular skills.

Regular skills:
Special devastating attacks, healing, terra morphing, grow up… 4 of these skills will be available during the match depending on your vehicle class. Their use is ruled by a cool down system and needs energy from your “mana” bar. They involve different kind of controls: targeting individual or groups of enemies, selecting a full zone which will be affected by the skill, self use (to become giant for a moment or to heal…). (These are examples).
Some of these skills will be available as power ups on the maps.
Situation skills:
When several conditions are filled, some Situation Skills will be launched automatically. We can consider that as a kind of achievement since you need to spend time and attention to get these conditions completed.
Team achievements can also unlock some situation skills during the match.
Playing Crasher always leads to experience earning, based on the team results AND on individual achievements during the match (even if they lose the match, players will get the experience they deserve)
The experience allows player to go up in the ladder ranking and customize their vehicle by:

Getting new items or skills
Mixing skills to create unique features for the vehicle
Boosting some of the vehicle abilities (stronger, faster, bigger energy or life bar…)

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