Windows update error Darksiders

I’ve never played Darksiders, but I’m fairly sure the name doesn’t refer to half the screen being blank while you play.

It seems Microsoft released a somewhat uncooked update recently, as the file known by the thoroughly sexy name “KB2803821” has been causing people issues. From YouTube, to Adobe and now to certain games, it seems this update is not exactly working as intended on Windows 7 and Windows XP.

Softpedia reports that Steam users have been suffering from some problems that mysteriously go away when KB2803821 is uninstalled. Specifically, they quote somebody who was having graphics problems in Darksiders until the offending file was removed. Players of Dust: An Elysian Tale have been having similar experiences, also solved by uninstalling that specific update.

So, if you’ve been running into odd graphical problems with your games in the past week or so, might want to head over to Control Panel, find the Windows Update section and get rid of KB2803821 until Microsoft sorts it out.

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