Ditch the cables. Wireless VR kit Rivvr ready for pre-orders

Ditch the cables. Wireless VR kit Rivvr ready for pre-orders

The next step for VR is to get rid of the annoying cables that keep users to tethered to their PC. One of those options is Rivvr from Sixa.

Pre-orders are now live for the Rivvr which attaches to the back of a VR headset. The unit will cost $209.00 for the head-mounted version and $199.oo for the belt-mounted version. If you want a longer battery live of up to 5 hours instead of 3, then it will cost an $50. To secure an order a downpayment of $60 can be paid now in advance.

Latency issues are the main concern with the wireless technology for VR, but by all accounts, this new hardware is actually performing. Rivvr is being created by Sixa who specialise in cloud computing and they have therefore opted for a streaming over wi-fi approach with some nifty compression. Tom’s recently spoke to Sixa who stated that currently there is 11ms of latency which they plan to reduce down to at least 6ms.

Rivvr is just one of the options coming to market, there’s also TPCAST which we mentioned last year and that too is expected to come in at around the $200 mark.

With a Vive 2 not coming anytime soon, which we expect would have wireless functionality built in, these wireless options could be worth a punt if you are prepared to spend another $200 plus on a VR setup.

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