For those of you keeping an eye out for new, Witcher 3 specific, AMD drivers, it sounds as if they’ll be showing up at some point this week. The source on that information is a twitter post from AMD corporate vice president Roy Taylor.

Asked on 16 May when AMD drivers for The Witcher 3 are expected, Taylor replies “next week.”

Since that was on Saturday, “next” week is now, presumably, the week we are in. Unless Taylor is one of those people who thinks the week begins on Saturday, in which case the wait might be even longer. The week of the game’s release seems fairly likely, though.

At present, the latest AMD Catalyst beta is 15.4; the one released for Grand Theft Auto V.

From the half hour or so I’ve played of The Witcher 3 (using a 2GB 7870 card,) the 15.4 drivers seem pretty fine (30-40 FPS while trotting about the world on Medium settings, baring in mind my CPU is an i3.) An updated driver release would be welcome, however.

For a more in-depth look at how The Witcher 3 works on PC (with an Nvidia card in this case,) have a read of Tim’s findings.

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