The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is going to be pretty damn big. Sure, developers and PR love to exaggerate; but when the team is coming out with stuff like the world environment being “30 times larger” than The Witcher 2, and the main narrative and side-quests offering 50 hours of gameplay apiece, even the de-hyped version of that is going to translate to a lot of game.

    By the sounds of the latest information coming from the developer, the intent is to create multiple environmental ‘ecosystems’ with their own wildlife, predators, inhabitants and local problems for Geralt to get himself involved with. Honestly, it’s reminding me most of Red Dead Redemption – except with Witcher stuff, and even more scope for tackling quests in a non-linear order.

    Have a look below at the latest images from the title. You may well have seen them floating around the internet before, but hopefully these are in nicer quality. CD Projekt note that these images come from “an early version” of the game.

    Peter Parrish

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