CD Projekt Red has confirmed the second playable character in The Witcher 3 (teased a short while back at that Las Vegas awards shindig) as Ciri. For some reason they decided to only tell IGN this news, which means now I have to give them a courtesy link. How could you do this to me, CD Projekt Red?

Selfish gripes aside, it does mean there’s a bit more information about playing as Ciri as well. Apparently you’ll only be playing as her during certain segments of the game (which makes me think it’s probably going to be a bit of a “meanwhile, here’s what Ciri is up to” narrative break kind of thing,) and she’ll be “fast and agile” with the ability to blink.

That’s presumably some kind of magical teleportation power, rather than the ability to clear dust and other debris from her eyes. Although I expect she can do that too.

In other Witcher 3 related news, CD Projekt Red has released some new screenshots. One of them appears to show several Witchers hanging about, and seems to include a young Ciri. That implies some sort of flashback aspect; maybe you’ll be playing as Ciri in the past? It’s not really clear yet.

The Witcher 3 is now due in May.

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