witcher 3

… and they’re pretty good at wrestling giant wolves.

Mummy, what’s a Witcher and where do they come from? Well child, allow this weird wandering preacher gentleman to explain it all to you in the form of an animated storyboard type of thing.

Yes, the latest Witcher 3 video is a big old bag of lore and back-story. If you’re not sure how magic appeared in the world, or who the Witchers are, or what the deal is with the Wild Hunt chaps who ride through the sky, then this little presentation can help.

It’s a bit biased mind you. The preacher is not a fan of Witchers, or their somewhat grey moral spectrum, so you’re getting a bit of a negative version of events. We all know Geralt is a sweetheart really.

The Witcher 3 is coming to the PC in May. If you missed details of the system specs, you can have a read of those over here. I’m not really sure why this video is Xbox-branded, but I assume it’s part of some marketing arrangement.

Peter Parrish

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