CD Projekt RED has revealed that Ciri will be a playable character.

Here are some details from the press release:

Today CD Projekt RED revealed details about previously-hinted-at playable character. We now know who she is: Ciri, the ashen-haired girl from an ancient prophecy. A descendant in a long-lost Elven-blood lineage, Ciri plays an important role in the Witcher lore — a powerful, living weapon capable of both healing and destroying the world she inhabits.

As Ciri is pursued by the Wild Hunt, a cavalcade of ghastly riders capable of unspeakable destruction, as well as the mighty Empire of Nilfgaard, it’s down to Geralt to explore The Witcher 3’s vast, open world to find her before anyone else does.

Ciri boasts exceptional swordfighting abilities, as well as several unique skills that will gradually unlock as you play. She’s fast and agile, she can blink (as seen in the Elder Blood trailer), but — most importantly — there’s something dormant in her, a mythical power, but we’ll say more about that in the future.

You can check out a gallery of new images related to this press release, including a pic of Ciri as a young girl, below.

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