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In Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty, you can use swords, spears, halberds and other sharp objects to kill everything that moves. You can also expand your repertoire with martial arts. And if you want to get extra creative, you can use Wizardry. There are some powerful skills available. The most powerful ones require some dedicated effort to unlock, however. Here is our guide on how to learn all of the Wizardry abilities in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty.

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How to learn all the Wizardry abilities in Wo Long

Every time your character gains five levels, you unlock a point you can use to master a skill in each Wizardry element. This continues until you have earned enough points to unlock every Wizardry ability of each element. However, that’s not all that’s required to access the most advanced abilities.

To unlock the final Wizardry abilities, you must clear two optional battlefields. The battlefields in question are titled ‘Wizardry Spell Mastery’ and ‘The Scarlet Crystal.’ Although you can unlock earlier abilities easily, even before you have the resources to unleash them in combat, later ones are inaccessible until you complete their corresponding trials.

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Wo Long Fallen Dynasty Wizardry Spell Mastery Domination Required

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Wizardry Spell Mastery becomes available once you clear the main ‘Fall of the Corrupted Eunuch’ battlefield. The special stage pits you against several rounds of increasingly challenging opponents. None of them should pose a significant challenge by that point in your adventure, especially if you are good at deflecting attacks and dodging as necessary.

The Scarlet Crystal trial isn’t available until late in the game, after you clear the Xiapi boss battle. In this more challenging trial, you face off against a single opponent who uses powerful Wizardry abilities. The best bet is to move in close and hit them with a melee and martial arts abilities, to leave them less room to counter with fearsome attacks of their own. Be ready to deflect attacks and strike several “killing blows” before your opponent finally relents.

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty is available on Steam and the Xbox marketplace.

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