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Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty features a variety of powerful enemies. You can run right past some of them, including a giant dragon named Xielong. Even though you can’t kill the beast when you encounter it in a burning city, you can stand and fight. Here is our guide on how to repel the giant dragon Xielong in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty.

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How to repel the giant dragon Xielong in Wo Long

Xielong is an oversized dragon you encounter while venturing through the city of Luoyang. As you explore, you’ll reach an area where an unseen force rains lightning from the sky. Once you find shelter and look around, you’ll notice the source of the electric showers is a dragon. It has perched atop the rooftop of some nearby burning buildings.

To repel Xielong, you need to negotiate a series of corridors, then climb a ladder to a sheltered platform. From that platform, you can then fire a series of weak ice spells without fear of reprisal.

Wo Long Fallen Dynasty Dragon Xielong Nearby Flag

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You first encounter the lightning rain after passing through a wide opening. Each bolt does significant damage to your life meter if it connects, but a yellow glow appears along the ground before each bolt strikes. Run forward and then head right to find a pedestal where you can plant a flag. That way, if your next efforts fail, you won’t have to backtrack far.

Wo Long Fallen Dynasty Dragon Xielong Climbing Ladder

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Next, you need to battle (or avoid) monsters on your way to the next safe position. Some paths are blocked by burning fire. Jump through the flames, or climb scaffolding and jump over them as possible. You can “run” even while climbing ladders, which saves time.

Wo Long Fallen Dynasty Dragon Xielong Vantage Point

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For orientation purposes, know that you’re traversing an essentially square area. You need to cross it diagonally to reach the corner opposite the one where you plant the flag.

Near the far corner, you’ll find a ladder you can climb to reach a secure platform. Its roof blocks the dragon’s lightning. Hurl your ice magic in relative peace until your target finally leaves (it could take a while). You’ll earn the ‘Heroes Will Rise’ achievement, and probably credit for avenging the death of whatever player the dragon killed most recently.

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty is available on Steam and PC Game Pass.

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